I AM grateful and blessed to have found Rosanne. After spending years in the church, I began seeking healing and wholeness outside organized religion. I resisted inner child work for years, believing that I'd "dealt" with my past traumas. I was led to the perfect person to help me on my journey, Roseanne, through a perfect series of synchronicities. At the time I was struggling with most aspects of my life, spiritual, physical , financial but was unaware that I was the problem. By not truly addressing my past and liberating and loving my inner children, I was holding myself in a self defeating spiral. Rosanne's beautiful, loving connection and commitment to Source made a safe place for me to begin acknowledging and healing my past wounds and freeing me to allow in more and more light and Grace from the Divine. Rosanne is my friend, soul sister and mentor. I am blessed to know her. ~Kristi F.

I have known Rosanne for years now. She is a mentor to me, one of my most trustworthy and intuitive guides, and my friend. She never sold her healing to me and quite honestly it took me some time to really understand the power behind her gifts. Over the years and through many passing conversations, I began to understand the power of healing my past, present and future by doing the work with her as my intuitive guide. I still have plenty of work to do. I am grateful for a teacher and friend like Rosanne who can not only guide me through the work, but also help me enjoy and get the most out of this trip around the sun to the fullest extent.~Jeff S.

Rosanne has helped me through some of the most challenging times of healing of my life, this time around and beyond. Rosanne has "Let me see ME" I have healed lifetimes and grown to experience my limitlessness. I cannot speak enough on her ability to access her gifts. Rosanne is a clear channel, and provides the space needed to do the work many can not handle. I've been blessed to work with her and would recommend her to anyone!~Cherie W.

I first met Rosanne when my friend took me to her float lounge. Not only was the float an unbelievable experience I had a very deep and immediate connection with Rosanne. Just to sit down and talk with Rosanne you cannot help but be touched by the depth of her soul and the resources she brings to the table. Since then, Rosanne has become a very valuable coach, spirit guide, hypnotherapist and a true friend. She only creates a warm and loving space with which to work. She does this in a way that has gained my total trust. She is constantly learning and growing herself which gives her the ability to continually challenge me to grow also. Call her!~Arnie L.