It is a great honor to be guided to share this work with others now. The prerequisite for this training program is to have worked one on one with Rosanne Grace in liberating your inner child and embodying your Master Self. The training will take place live and in person hosted in Sedona, Arizona. International clients and out of area clients unable to attend in person will be able to attend live via zoom.

Ascension Practitioner Level One will include clearing protocols, speaking and working directly with the inner child, utilizing your natural intuition and muscle testing techniques to connect directly with the root of any inner child requests and complete scripts to facilitate the integration and liberation of the inner child.
Level Two will include all of the Master Protocols, additional clearings, scripts, activations and initiations for the next phase of embodiment.
Level Three will include scripts and instructions on conducting a Soul Activation Hypnosis session. Graduates of both Level One & Level Two trainings will be featured on as dedicated Ascension Practitioners.

Please contact Rosanne Grace directly to enroll.
Tuition is $1,888.88 per training.

Ascension Practitioner Training Dates:
Level One - February 24-27th, 2022
Level Two - April 21-24th, 2022
Level Three - June 23-26th, 2022

Level One - July 28-31st, 2022
Level Two
- Sept 29-Oct 2nd, 2022
Level Three - December 1-4th, 2022